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Harmony Ball Necklace Gift Box

Harmony Ball Necklace Gift Box


The perfect gift for any mum-to-be. 

This Harmony Ball Necklace emits a soft harmony chime to calm and soothe both mother and baby.  The Harmony Ball pendant is meant to be given to a newborn, being hung over the cradle or stitched into the baby's comfort blanket to help the baby calm down and offer protection in the form of the baby's invisible guardian angel.

Designed to be worn during pregnancy, the Harmony Ball Necklace will then be gifted to baby, when they arrive.  The harmony ball is placed securely into the soft Sophie the Giraffe lovey for your baby to snuggle and be comforted by. 

The perfect gift for mum's to be to strengthen the bonds with baby and harness their strong connections post birth. 

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