The Maidwellway Way Story

Maidwellway Maternity and Breastfeeding Fashion

Aimee, a Grimsby born travel loving working mum who has a desire to empower and support mums who want to elevate their wardrobe during their motherhood journey.

"I noticed in my home town that the offer to access quality maternity and breastfeeding clothing was missing. The focus is so often on cheap, mass produced maternity clothing and locally statement breastfeeding clothing was nowhere to be seen.

Motherhood is a chapter that needs celebrating, yet the focus is always on a the baby and there arrival.

I want celebrate you, the amazing and empowering mums. And in creating Maidwellway, I hope we can provide an exclusive offer that lets us all do just that, celebrate you, Mum.

A mum who is loved and cared for, is a mum who provides love and care"

Maidwellway has a special place in Aimee's heart. The name of where her journey to become a strong, supportive and bold woman began when she was 20 years old. Like Aimee's journey, Maidwellway is a journey that will be forever evolving.