FAQ's Maternity and Nursing Clothes

What month do you start wearing maternity clothes?

It's a big question to ask, and the answer can vary depending upon how you feel in your clothing and how your body changes during pregnancy.

Some mum's find that at around the 3 months mark they start gradually switching to maternity clothes, especially maternity leggings, jeans and dresses. This can be of great help if your clothing is becoming tight around your bump or you are finding your clothes restrictive.

As your changes during your pregnancy, investing in a selection of quality wardrobe staples can help you find a good balance between being able to enjoy some of your favourites whilst having some new comfortable, yet stylish outfits that are flexible to your changing body.

Which dresses are good to wear during pregnancy?

Maternity dresses can vary in styles style and quality. And with a changing body, it can be a challenge when pregnant to find maternity dresses that you feel comfortable in.

A good option is to consider wrap dresses, like our Miracle Wrap Dress.

Wrap dresses are easy to style, are made for changing bodies, can often accommodate a bump and can continue to be used when baby arrives.

Wrap dresses are also great for breastfeeding, as they often allow easy access for feeding.

What are the best clothes to wear when breastfeeding?

What is the best thing to wear when breastfeeding? Good question and one we all ask ourselves when we have to think about feeding outside of the home.

The right question is more about what do you feel comfortable in, rather than what is the best clothes to wear when breastfeeding.

Some mum's choose to adapt how they feed to take into account what they wear. Some choose to lift their t-shirt, others will choose a button top or a wrap style. Other's choose to have a selection of breastfeeding clothes like our t-shirt dress or Maxi Dress. These are designed and created to enable mum's to feed with ease, without sacrificing on style or comfort.

What you choose, the important factor is that you feel happy and comfortable.

Why are breastfeeding clothes so expensive?

The honest answer is, it all depends on what you are looking for and what is important to you.

Some fast fashion retailers do offer a small selection of breastfeeding friendly clothes; however these are mass produced, lower in quality and are often not made specifically for breastfeeding, rather they have added in a envelope or basic zip to allow access to the breasts.

If you're looking for something more specialised, tailored and of a higher quality this is naturally going to cost you a bit more. The up side is however that these items will be created with greater care, are often designed and created especially for breastfeeding mum's, will be made of quality fabrics and will be made to last. A great example is our Breastfeeding Jumpsuit.

As with all maternity and nursing clothing the important factor again is about you feeling comfortable in what you are wearing and about the items your purchase.

What is the best bra to wear while pregnant?

We would always recommend you choose a maternity bra made from a breathable fabric like cotton or bamboo.

Some women become sweaty under or between their breasts, especially during pregnancy.

Breathable fabrics, will help keep your body cooler during pregnancy. Natural fabrics like Bamboo are incredibly versatile to use and sustainable to grow, strong and flexible. Our stocked Pregnancy Bra is incredibly soft and resilient.

We'd also recommend going wire free as soon as you feel comfortable to do so. Wired bra's that do not fit you can become uncomfortable to wear as your breasts change. If your bra does not fit you correctly it will cause you discomfort and could dig into your breast tissue.

ThePregnancy Bra has lots of great advice to help you make a choice.